Black-throated Magpie-Jay

Credit: Mark Watson

The striking Black-throated Magpie-Jay is a large, long-tailed bird. It has a conspicuous black crest and throat, a patch of blue on its eyebrows and under the eye, blue wings, a white-tipped tail, and a white underside.

In the south of their range, their throats are more white with a thinner black band. 

  • Calocitta colliei
  • Length: 23 – 30 in (58.5 – 76.5 cm)
  • Weight: 8 – 9 oz (225 – 251 cm)


Black-throated Magpie Jays are usually residents in Mexico but they also occasionally turn up in the United States.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Black-throated Magpie-Jays around tropical lowland forests, plantations, and partially open areas with tall trees and hedges. They are not particularly fond of humid woodlands, though. 

Typical of a crow family, a Black-throated Magpie-Jay eats both plants and animals. It loves seeds and nuts but is also known to eat insects and other smaller birds. 

Black-throated Magpie-Jay Sounds:


Black-throated Magpie-Jay’s nest is usually created with sticks and twigs but lined with some soft material, and they lay up to seven eggs.

Fun Fact:

Black-throated Magpie-Jays eat standing up. One foot is used to hold on to the food while the other foot puts food in its mouth.