About Me

Hi, my name is Emma

I have a love for wildlife and in particular birds as they are so easy to get a close look at.  I love to talk about birds, research them, go birding, birdwatch in my backyard and keep a few as pets. I wanted to share this love of birds with everyone so you can also appreciate these fascinating creatures.

I attend bird walks and talks whenever I get the chance so that I can learn more from the experts. There is always something new to learn or see with birding. 

After studying a natural sciences degree I then entered the corporate world working for online travel companies.  We now live in a forest and near a beach and I have not looked back since.  You can usually find me out paddleboarding or kayaking or hiking through the forest, always with some binoculars! 

I am here to help you find all the information you need about bird identification, birding tips, backyard bird watching, bird facts with guides, and free printables.

I want to create a place that includes scientific information about birds and makes it fun and relevant for you.

If you would like to get in touch please email me:

birdadvisors @ gmail.com