Owls Sleeping Are So Adorable – You Need to See These Pictures, Videos and Facts

owl sleeping cute

There is nothing cuter than baby birds sleeping and owls sleeping has to be the cutest.

Huddled up in tree cavities or precariously dozing on one leg. I just can’t get enough of these adorable birds tucked up in bed.

If you want to see loads of pictures of owls sleeping, watch videos and learn some amazing facts then read on…

sleeping owl

Most owls are nocturnal and hunt at night, but some owls do hunt during the day such as the Northern Hawk Owl and Northern Pygmy-Owl. Also, Snowy Owls and Burrowing Owls can sometimes be seen during the day.

owl sleeping

When not hunting owls will roost, which is the name for their resting place. This could be a tree branch or it could be in a tree hollow or other hidden places.

sleeping owl

Wow, now that is camouflaged!

Owls will often sleep hidden to protect themselves from predators and to stop small birds mobbing them and disturbing their sleep. 

sleeping owl

Owls are also camouflaged to their surroundings helping them to blend in.

This owl falling asleep is so cute. It can’t keep its eyes open and dozes off peacefully.

sleeping owl

Larger owls will usually sleep on a branch often leaning against the tree trunk.

sleeping owl

Smaller owls usually find a tree cavity to hide in away from predators.

sleeping owl

Owls will often sleep on only one leg, with the other leg tucked up nice and warm against their body

sleeping owls

Baby owls heads are large and heavy, just like human babies and so they often sleep lying down until they are strong enough to support their own heads.

Even though it is really windy the mother and baby owls keep sleeping, swayed by the force of the wind.

sleeping owl

Owls do not fall off their perch when sleeping as their back toe will stay in a closed position so they stay gripped until they bend their long owl legs.

sleeping owl

Owls have 3 eyelids and when owls sleep they close their eyes by raising their lower lid. The other lids are for cleaning the eye and one for blinking.

It is hard to work out which way round this ball of fluff and feathers are!

sleeping owl

Did you know that owls dream? Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have tested barn owls’ sleep and discovered that they have patterns of REM sleep which is when mammals dream.

Owls only spend 5% of their sleeping time in deep sleep, compared to 20% for humans.

sleeping owl

In another owl sleep study, Burrowing Owls were found to sleep for up to 60% of the time.

sleeping owl

Who said we have to wake up looking glamourous! This poor owl certainly looks like it has had better hair days.

Well, I still think it’s cute and if you do too then you should check out the cutest owls in the world to really get the ‘awww’ going.