Lots of Hilarious Pictures of Owl Legs For You to Enjoy

Owl Legs

Looking at owl legs never gets boring, they are so unexpectedly long under all those feathers.

Owls usually look regal but they also have the ability to seem to pull the most human-like expressions and this owl certainly does not look impressed with its skinny owl legs on show!

Owl legs

The soft downy fluff and surprisingly slim body for such a powerful bird are quite mesmerizing.

owl legs naked

How are owls so powerful when they look like that with no feathers? An owl with no feathers doesn’t look like the mighty bird of prey we are used to looking at.

Look at the length of the owls’ legs in the skeleton compared to its body. Who knew?

Once you have seen an owl with no feathers it’s quite hard to unsee it. I will never look at an owl the same way!

Owl legs

Just limbering up those long owl legs in preparation for the nights’ work hunting.

Now stretch one two three and the other leg. Stretch one two three.

Can’t start hunting without warming up these long owl legs now, can we?

great grey owl baby legs

That’s an unfortunate gust of wind there.

Just look at those fluffy baby owl legs. They are just so adorable.

Now you can see why owl legs are so long, it makes them a top hunter. They use those long owl legs to reach out and grab prey as silently as possible.

owl legs

Those long owl legs look surprisingly heavy when you look at them in comparison to how small the owl’s body is. I wonder if it’s hard work holding them up when flying?

Yep, looks like it was too much like hard work for this owl to hold its legs up.

When you look at an owl flying they look so streamlined but little did we know they were carrying these monster owl legs around.

barn owl legs

If you can take your eyes off the fact this barn owl has prey and focus on those legs. This owl’s legs look like they start just under its neck and are longer than its body and tail combined. 

Wow, that is some seriously long legs.

burrowing owl legs

Are you looking at me, or just my fabulous owl legs?

Until it was pointed out how long owl legs are they never really registered, but now it is all I can look at.

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Yes, that really is that owl’s long leg taking a giant step.

Just wow…

Owl legs

credit: wemesq

Now that’s a determined face in this long-legged owl race. A ball of fluff on two sticks, brilliant.

I thought I would save one of my favorite owl leg pictures until last.

Imagine an owl flying toward you like that its hard to know whether to be scared or drop-down laughing!