Ducks With Designer Hair

Some ducks are certainly rocking an envious hairdo that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Male ducks are all showy to attract the rather dull females in the breeding season, and then most molt and also become less striking in the winter.

So check out these stunning hairdos…

Crested Duck


These birds with hair on top of their heads look coiffured as if they have stepped straight out of a hair salon.

The crest is a genetic mutation causing a skull deformity that can kill this duck.

This duck is originally from the East Indies and was brought back to Europe due to its unusual head feathers.

Not all chicks born to Crested Ducks will have the crest as it is a genetic mutation that is not always passed on.

Wood Duck

wood duck

Male Wood Ducks have iridescent green hairstyles that really pack a punch while out on the water.

They are one of the most stunning ducks in North America. Female Wood Ducks are fairly drab in comparison to males with brown their coloring.



The tufted white hair on this male duck looks sophisticated. They live in Europe and feed on fish.

They nest in old woodpeckers’ nests in trees.

Mandarin Duck


The colorful head of hair on this male duck is used in the breeding season. In winter, they look similar to the female of the species and are mostly brown.

They live in East Asia but have also been imported to the UK and America and now live wild in those countries.

They are shy and breed in dense woods near shallow lakes.

Great Crested Grebe


Although not officially a duck, they do live on the water and many would assume they are ducks.

The largest grebe found in Europe, with fan-like head feathers in summer. The head feathers are used in courtship displays as the bird rises out of the water and shakes their heads.

They were hunted to extinction in the UK for their head feathers, which were used on ladies’ hats.

In winter, the Great-crested Grebe changes to less dramatic black-and-white head feathers without the large mane-like appearance.