White-cheeked Pintail

White-cheeked pintail (Anas bahamensis)

The White-cheeked Pintail is a dabbling duck that also goes by the name Bahama Pintail or summer duck. 

White-cheeked Pintails are beautiful ducks. Both sexes look the same. They both have brown, streaked foreheads and napes. They have a white patch on their cheek extending to their throat. Their bills are blue with a distinct red spot at the base. The rest of their bodies are covered with black and brown spots. 

  • Anas Bahamensis
  • Length: 18 – 20 in (46 – 51 cm)
  • Weight: 19.2 oz (544 g)
  • Wingspan: 26 – 31 in (66 – 79 cm)


White-cheeked Pintails are usually found in the Caribbean and South America, but they also are found in southeastern US states.

Habitat And Diet

You can find White-cheeked Pintails in saltwater habitats, like lagoons, rocky or sandy seashores, and mangroves. They may also be found near rivers, lakes, and ponds. On rare occasions, they may be found in brackish water and shallow marshes.

White-cheeked Pintails dabble in water for food. They usually eat seeds, algae, aquatic plants, particularly widgeon plants, and small invertebrates.

White-cheeked Pintail Calls:


Nests of White-cheeked pintails are made of leaves and hidden among tall grasses and weeds and located near the water. When the eggs hatch, the young are led by the female to a safe water environment. 

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