Mexican Duck

Mexican Duck
Credit: Range

Mexican ducks breed in Mexico and the southwestern United States, particularly the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Mexican ducks near water sources with emergent vegetation, like rivers, ponds, and shallow lakes. They are also found in irrigation ditches and fields. 

Mexican ducks naturally feed on aquatic vegetation, like grasses and plants. They also feed on tiny crustaceans, frogs, earthworms, and even small fish. Since they also visit agricultural lands, they eat different types of waste grain.

Mexican Duck Calls:


Nests of Mexican Ducks are normally found on the ground or riverbanks, hidden among tall grasses. The nests are made of grasses and lined with feathers. Females lay between four to nine eggs at a time and will wait for about twenty-six days for them to hatch.

Fun Fact:

Mexican Ducks used to be on the Endangered Species List in the late 1960s but were removed in 1978. Today, they are in danger again because of the destruction of their habitat and overhunting.