227 Red Bird Names with Meanings

This collection of names for red birds is unique and contains many names you won’t find anywhere else.

Do you have a new red pet bird arriving soon and need to think of a name for these bright, fun birds? The most common type of red birds kept as pets are Macaws and Cockatoos, but what do you have arriving?

Or maybe you want to give a name to a wild bird that keeps visiting your yard.

Red is the first color after black and white that babies can see, and it has throughout history had immense significance and extremes of meaning.

Passion and courage are two of the meaning of red, but on the opposite side, stop and evil are also symbolized by the color red.

Royalty kept red as their own color to show how wealthy and influential they were and today, red is often only worn for big red carpet events and wedding dresses in China.

Having so much meaning in the word red gives a vast amount of words that are great names for your red pet.

Good names for red birds are names that have meaning about fire, sun, passion, mean red in old or international languages, and names that are inspired by red in nature.

I have done the research for you and searched through thousands of English and international names meaning red, fire, and courage or association of red for royalty. Nature also provides a great wealth of red names for birds, so you don’t have to look anywhere else to find that perfect name.

I have also included some of my own uniquely created names that would be fitting for such vibrant birds.

227 Red Bird Names:

1. Aalish

Persian meaning flame

2. Abellona

Danish meaning sun god

3. Ace

Because the color red is associated with winning

4. Adam

A name associated with red

5. Adar

Jewish name meaning fire

6. Afra

Arabic name meaning whitish red

7. Aidan

Irish origin, means little and firey

8. Aka

Japanese name meaning red

9. Akako

Japanese name meaning red

10. Akane

Japanese name meaning bright red

11. Akari

Japanese name meaning bright red flower

12. Akasuki

Japanese name meaning bright helper

13. Akemi

Japenese name meaning bright beauty

14. Alara

French meaning red ornament

15. Alaric

A German name meaning all-powerful ruler

16. Alhambra

Spanish name referring to the red city

17. Alina

Slavic origin meaning bright and beautiful

18. Alroy

Gaelic name for red-haired one

19. Altamira

After the cave in Spain with red cave paintings dating from 16,000BC

20. Altan

Red dawn in Turkish

21. Amaryllis

A flower that represents determination and radiant beauty

22. Amaterasu

Japenese for sun goddess

23. Amber

After the fossilized resin that is often firey colors

24. Anjou

After the red Anjou pear fruit

25. Anka

Japenese for the color of Dawn

26. Anshul

Hindi meaning sunbeam

27. Archie

Truly brave

28. Ariel

After the Little Mermaid.

29. Arusha

Hindu name meaning “red.”

30. Aster

A red flower which means undying devotion

31. Auburn

Meaning hair of reddish color

32. Audrey

Noble strength

33. Autumn

The English name for fall and is associated with red colors

34. Aztec

The Aztec people often used red in ceremonial headdresses

35. Beet

After beetroot

36. Berry

Many berries are red such as strawberries and raspberries.

37. Beth

After Elizabeth I the red-haired Queen of England

38. Blaze

An English word meaning fire

39. Bordeaux

A delicious red wine from France

40. Brandy

Another drink-related name

41. Brazilin

A popular red dye from the sapanwood tree in the middle ages

42. Bree

Strength or exalted one

43. Brick

After the red brick

44. Camellia

A Japanese shrub that is known for its bright red and pink blooms early in the season

45. Captain

A position of power

46. Carmen

French meaning garden of God, crimson or red

47. Carmine

Latin for vivid red

48. Cayenne

From the red spice

49. Cera

French meaning colorful

50. Cerisa

A girls name of French or English origin meaning Cherry

51. Charlemagne

European emperor that painted his palace red and wore red shoes to his coronation

52. Cherine

American meaning dear one

53. Cherry

After the beautifully colored fruit

54. Cherrylina

Derived from the word cherry

55. Chestnut

After the brownish-red nut

56. Cheyenne

Native American meaning red

57. Chili

Because chili is red! Hot chili is red

58. Cinnabar

Red ore that mercury is mined from

59. Clancy

Irish name for a red-headed soldier

60. Claret

A deep red color

61. Clifford

After the big, red dog

62. Comet

The firey flash of a comet racing through space

63. Coral

Coral is often a beautiful red color

64. Corsen

After the red flower. 

65. Crimson

This is a purple-red color.

66. Dahlia

A bright flower

67. Dart

After the poison dart frog that is brightly colored

68. Darter

After the red dragonfly

69. Denzel

English name meaning from the high stronghold

70. Derry

Irish meaning red oak

71. Drake

English meaning dragon – associated with fire

72. Edana

Gaelic meaning passionate

73. Edom

Hebrew name meaning “red.”

74. Electra

Derived from the Greek name Elektra meaning amber

75. Elio

Spanish and Italian and refers to the Greek sun-god Helios

76. Ellie

After the red-headed character in Up

77. Elmo

After the red monster on Sesame Street.

78. Ember

Meaning spark or burning low

79. Enya

Irish meaning fire

80. Eric

After Ariel’s prince.

81. Fagan

Gaelic name for rusty

82. Fiona

After Shrek’s red-headed wife. 

83. Flame

This one is pretty straightforward.

84. Flamingo

After the pinkish-red bird

85. Flanagan

Old English name meaning red

86. Flann

Red in Irish Gaelic

87. Flanna

Irish name for one who has red hair. 

88. Flannery

Irish name for the one with red eyebrows.

89. Florence

After the ‘You’ve got the love’ singer

90. Flynn

Irish name for the son of the red-haired one.

91. Foxy

After the red fox

92. Garnet

After the gemstone.

93. Gazania

A flower symbolizing wealth and richness

94. Gerbera

A type of popular daisy flower

95. Gilroy

Gaelic name for red hair

96. Ginger

People with red hair are sometimes referred to as ginger

97. Ginny

After Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

98. Gladiator

Gladiators’ skin was colored red

99. Gough

Australian name meaning red

100. Grace

After the Irish Pirate Grace O’Malley

101. Guarana

After the red Brazilian fruit

102. Harkin

Gaelic name meaning red

103. Harry

After the red-haired prince

104. Harvey

Battle worthy

105. Hazel

Old English name meaning red-brown

106. Henry

King Henry VIII famously banned people under the rank of Knight from wearing red

107. Hibiscus

A flower that symbolizes delicate beauty

108. Holly

After the bright red berries on the Holly

109. Humayra

Arabic name meaning red

110. Idouma

Greek word meaning red

111. Inkar

Kazakh in origin and means desire and passion

112. Isis

An Egyptian god that was asked to protect people from evil and red

113. Jasper

Persian name meaning gemstone

114. Jemila

Meaning beautiful in Somalia

115. Jessica

After Jessica Rabbit

116. Jovita

Latin origin meaning happy

117. Kaihalulu

After the red sand beach in Hawaii

118. Kalama

Hawaiian name meaning flaming torch

119. Kamala

Hindu name meaning pale red

120. Keegan

Irish name meaning fiery

121. Keira

Meaning little red one

122. Kenzo

Japanese for strong and healthy

123. Kermes

A red dye used in the Neolithic period

124. Ketchup

Well it is funny

125. Kikuko

The Chrysanthemum flower in Japense

126. Kiran

Dsanskrit in origin and means ray of light

127. Koi

After the famous fish that are often red and are prized in parts of the world to be kept in ponds

128. Leo

Zodiac sign associated with red

129. Leona

Name meaning courage

130. Lily

Another pretty flower that can be red

131. Lizzie

After Elizabeth I the red-haired Queen of England

132. Lobster

Another funny name

133. Loki

Norse god of mischief and fire

134. Lotus

A pond plant that symbolizes the heart when red in color

135. Lychee

After the sweet red-skinned fruit

136. Lyco

A play on the word lycopene which is what makes fruit and vegetables red

137. Madder

A red plant that’s root has been used in red dye in ancient history

138. Maltiades

Ancient Greek name meaning red earth

139. Maple

The leaves of the maple tree turn beautiful vibrant red hues in fall

140. Marcella

Latin for warlike

141. Mars

After the red planet.

142. Matilda

Battle mighty

143. Maureen

After the famous Hollywood star Maureen O’Hara

144. Merida

After Brave’s main character

145. Miaka

Japanese name meaning beautiful red

146. Muladhara

The root chakra associated with the color red

147. Neci

Slavic meaning fiery

148. Newt

A reptile that is often red

149. Nikko

Sunshine in Japenese

150. Ochre

After the dye used in ancient celebrations

151. Omaira

Arabic name meaning red

152. Pagoda

After the Japenese temples, which are usually painted red

153. Peony

A popular flower that comes in different colors but the red is spectacular

154. Petunia

Another pretty flower that can be red

155. Phoenix

Bird that was consumed by fire

156. Pinnacle

After the oldest stone age site where red clay was used for body painting

157. Piroska

Hungarian name for a red one

158. Pome

After the red fruit pomegranate

159. Pomme

French name meaning apple

160. Poppy

After the beautiful, red flower

161. Rabida

After the red sand beach in the Galapagos

162. Radcliff

English name for a red cliff

163. Radish

After the peppery vegetable

164. Radley

English name meaning from the red meadow

165. Ragnor

Norse for warrior

166. Raleigh

Old English name meaning red meadow

167. Reading

English, son of the red-haired one

168. Red

Well, you can’t get much more obvious than this!

169. Redford

Scottish, red-headed

170. Redmond

Irish name for a  wise protector

171. Reed

English, red-haired

172. Rhubarb

After the red fruit that makes delicious desserts

173. Rita

After the famous movie star Rita Hayworth

174. Roana

Spanish name for reddish-brown

175. Rogan

Irish, redhead

176. Rohan

Gaelic, red-haired

177. Rohit

Means red in Sanskrit

178. Roisin

Irish name meaning little rose

179. Roone

Irish name for a red-haired one.

180. Rooney

Irish meaning descendent of the champion

181. Rory

Irish meaning red king

182. Rose

After the beautiful fragrant flower

183. Rosella

Latin and French in origin and means rose

184. Rosie

This one is pretty straightforward.

185. Roslin

French meaning little red-haired one

186. Rossa

Italian name meaning red

187. Roth

German meaning redhead

188. Rowan

Gaelic name for little red one

189. Roy

French, red-haired

190. Rubena

Esperanto meaning ruby

191. Rubia

An Indian plant used to make red dye

192. Rubina

Italian name, derived from Ruby

193. Ruby

After the actual gemstone

194. Rudite

Latvian name for a red headed one

195. Rudyard

Old English name meaning red yard

196. Rufina

Latin name meaning red-haired

197. Rufus

Latin meaning redhead

198. Rumen

Red-cheeked in Macedonian

199. Rumo

Cornish in origin meaning red

200. Russell

French name meaning fox-colored

201. Rusty

English, a shade of red

202. Safflower

Flowers used to make red dye

203. Sango

Coral in Japenese

204. Scarlet

A bright red color

205. Setta

After the red setter dog and the red Christmas plant the poinsettia

206. Shani

Hebrew name meaning scarlet red

207. Shirley

After the famous child movie star Shirley Temple

208. Sienna

English name for bright red

209. Simpson

After the red sand of the simpson desert in Australia

210. Sorrel

French name for a reddish-brown color.

211. Spinel

A red gemstone

212. Sunny

Bright and beautiful name

213. Taigen

Great ambition in Japenese

214. Terra

After the red soil

215. Titan

Latin meaning red-haired

216. Tommy

After the red tomato

217. Tourmaline

A red gemstone

218. Tut

After King Tutankhamum in Egypt that used red dye and was even burried with it as it was so precious

219. Tutka

Turkish name meaning passion

220. Valentina

Strength and health

221. Valentine

A time of year famously associated with the color red

222. Valerik

Meaning brave in Russian

223. Velerie

Name meaning courage

224. Wapasha

Sioux in origin, means red leaf

225. Ygritte

After the Game of Thrones Heroine

226. Zinnia

A red zinnia is from the sunflower family

227. Zircon

A red gemstone


Hopefully, you have found a suitable name for a red bird out of this long list. It is great to pick a name that has a meaning that resonates with you and the character of your red bird.

Have fun picking a red bird name.