Plants, Flowers, Shrubs and Vines to Attract Hummingbirds

hummingbird-on flower

There are so many plants and flowers that attract hummingbirds.

You can easily find the perfect selection from these lists to create an amazing colorful yard that attracts lots of hummingbirds and looks great.

Potted plants that attract hummingbirds

Potted or container planting is a great way to add impact and attract lots of hummingbirds.

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They need more maintenance with watering regularly but in small spaces or attracting hummingbirds to a patio, container planting is great.

Some of hummingbirds favorite flowers that do well in a container are:

  1. Petunias
  2. Salvia
  3. Lobelia (cardinal flower)
  4. Fuchsia
  5. Lantana

Shrubs that attract hummingbirds

There are lots of shrubs that are great for attracting hummingbirds and they do not require much maintenance.

Shrubs can add height and drama to your yard and create a backdrop for other lower planting in front.

Shrubs that hummingbirds love are:

  1. Rhododendron
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Buddleia
  4. Abelia
  5. Azelia
  6. Weigela
  7. Butterfly bush
  8. Crape Myrtle
  9. Summersweet
  10. Viburnum

Hanging plants that attract hummingbirds

Hanging plants provide a great viewing opportunity for you to see your hummingbirds as they add height to your plants.

Hanging baskets look great abundantly filled with flowers training and tumbling down.

Here are some of hummingbirds favorite flowers for hanging baskets:

  1. Petunias
  2. Lantana
  3. Fuchsias
  4. Nasturtiums
  5. Trumpet flower
  6. Bleeding heart
  7. Impatiens

Shade tolerant plants that attract hummingbirds

Just because an area of your yard is shaded does not mean you cannot create the perfect planting scheme for hummingbirds.

These shade-tolerant plants will get the hummingbirds in your yard:

  1. Fuchsia
  2. Columbine
  3. Bleeding heart
  4. Foxglove
  5. Cardinal flower
  6. Honeysuckle
  7. Impatiens
  8. Hydrangea
  9. Ligularia

Drought tolerant plants that attract hummingbirds

Heat and drought-tolerant plants can attract lots of hummingbirds but stand up to dry conditions.

Some of these plants will do better once established so if planting they will need to be watered more regularly until then.

These drought-tolerant plants are hummingbird favorites:

  1. Butterfly bush (buddleia)
  2. Agastache
  3. Salvia
  4. Desert willow
  5. Flowering currant
  6. Penstemon
  7. Catmint
  8. Hummingbird mint
  9. Cape fuchsia
  10. Weigela

Perennials that attract hummingbirds

Coming back year after year, perennials are an easy way to bring lots of color and impact to your yard. There is a vast number to choose from so it’s easy to find a few that will work in your yard.

These perennials are great for adding interest and attracting hummingbirds:

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Bee Balm
  3. Daylily
  4. Salvia
  5. Phlox
  6. Cardinal flower
  7. Foxglove
  8. Coneflower
  9. Hosta
  10. Lupin
  11. Crocosmia
  12. Delphinium

Vines for hummingbirds

Trailing over fences and pergolas vines creates shade and atmosphere in any yard.

These are vines that attract hummingbirds:

  1. Trumpet honeysuckle
  2. Hyacinth Bean vine
  3. Figwort
  4. Trumpet vine
  5. Canary creeper
  6. Cypress vine
  7. Bougainvillea
  8. Clematis
  9. Mandevilla
  10. Passionflower

Trees for hummingbirds

If you need some height and shade in your yard then trees can be a great way to provide this and also attract hummingbirds.

Trees that attract hummingbirds:

  1. Crabapples
  2. English Hawthorn
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Northern Catalpa
  5. Red Buckeye
  6. Cherry
  7. Silk tree
  8. Tulip tree