20 Harpy Eagle Facts

harpy eagle head

Harpy eagles are striking birds of prey due to their size and look. They demand your attention so sit tight and learn all about these magnificent birds.

If these facts are not enough then check out even more about Harpy Eagles.

1. Harpy eagle wingspan is the same width as a Cadillac car

Harpy eagle flying

2. Their talons are the same length as a grizzly bear

Harpy eagle talons

3. They can carry off prey the same weight as themselves

4. Harpy eagles only have one chick every 2 to 3 years

Harpy eagle baby close up

5. Deforestation and hunting are the main cause for the decline of Harpy eagles in the wild

6. Females can weigh twice the weight of males

7. Sloths and monkeys are the main prey of Harpy Eagles


8. Their powerful legs are as thick as a child’s wrist

9. They live in tropical forests in Central and South America

10. They are active during the day (diurnal)

11. They do not need to hunt every day as they keep a kill to eat over several days and they can eat rotten meat without getting sick.

Harpy eagle eating prey

12. Their nests are huge at over 4 to 5 ft wide and 4 ft deep

13. They can mate for life, which could be up to 25 years

14. A backup second egg is laid, but if the first egg hatches successfully then the second egg is abandoned

15. A baby Harpy can fit in your hand, but within 6 months it is fully grown

16. They have disc shaped faces like owls that help with directing sound to their ears

Harpy eagle

17. They don’t make much noise only occasional weak whispy screams and chirps

18. They can reach speeds of up to 50 miles an hour (80km per hour)

19. They are named after the harpy from Greek mythology, which was a terrifying winged half human

20. Harpy eagles are the national bird of Panama