Asian Rosy-Finch

Asian Rosy Finch
Credit: Francesco Veronesi

Asian Rosy-Finches have a black face and throat, while the rest of the head is dark brown or gray. They have a yellow bill, pinkish-dark brown chest, belly, and wings.

Females don’t have the pink color on their bodies and are usually lighter than males on the face and throat.

  • Leucosticte arctoa
  • Length: 6-7 in  (15-16 cm)
  • Wingspan: 12.5-14 in (32-35 cm)


Asian Rosy-Finches are usually found in Asia. However, they do occasionally stray into North America.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Asian Rosy-Finches in high mountains and meadows, particularly if they have rocky slopes, barren rock, and cliffs. If they’re in a coastal area, they may be found on bare rocky beaches.

Asian Rosy-Finches love to eat seeds that they forage on the ground. They also favor berries, fresh buds, and young plants. Insects are on the menu during summer. 

Asian-Rosy Finch Call:


Nests of Asian Rosy-Finches are rarely observed as the species is little known. There is not much data about them. 

Fun Fact:

The Asian Rosy-Finch was first sighted in North America in December 2011, and it was only then that it was added to the American Birding Association’s checklist of birds.