Gray-headed Chickadee

Grey-headed Chickadee

Gray-headed Chickadees have dark brown caps, black chin and eye stripe, and white cheeks. They have brown backs, dark grey wings streaked with white and pale brown sides.

  • Poecile cinctus
  • Length: (13.5 – 14 cm)
  • Weight: (11 – 14.3 g)


Gray-headed Chickadees live in Alaska, northwestern Canada, and across northern Europe and do not migrate.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Gray-headed Chickadees in arctic streamside thickets of willow and spruce. They are hard to find due to their remote locations. They eat insects, spiders, and seeds, and they will often store food for the winter.

Gray-headed Chickadee Call:


Nests of Gray-headed Chickadees are usually holes in trees, often old woodpecker nests. They use moss and then animal hair to line the nest.