Juniper Titmouse

Juniper Titmouse Adult
Juniper Titmouse – Adult

Juniper Titmice are strikingly similar to the Oak Titmouse when you consider their size and coloring. However, Juniper Titmice are more consistently gray than the Oak Titmouse. They do have the same tuft or crest on their heads, the same black, stout bills, black eyes, and legs.

The Juniper Titmouse used to be categorized as one with the Oak Titmouse under the Plain Titmouse genus. They were separated in 1996 because their songs, habitats, and genetic makeup are different from each other. 

  • Baeolophus ridgwayi
  • Length:  5.5 in (14 cm)
  • Weight: 0.6 oz (17 g)
  • Wingspan: 8 in (20 cm)


Juniper Titmice are only found in southwestern US states and they do not migrate.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Juniper Titmice in sparse woodlands of juniper and pinyon pine, particularly during the breeding season. While they prefer junipers in their habitats, they do reside in woodlands with sagebrush, Joshua trees, or other shrubs. 

Juniper Titmice are experts in foraging in trees at high elevations. They use their stout bills to pry open dead tree bark to find insects that are hidden underneath. Their main diet consists of insects like caterpillars, beetles, flies, and leafhoppers. They also eat plants and pinyon pine seeds. They are also known to hang upside down on twigs and branches to find insects under leaves. 

Juniper Titmouse Call:


Nests of Juniper Titmice are usually found in tree cavities, like woodpeckers’ holes. The parents may also use holes in fenceposts or any sort of crevice.  They will line it with grass, fur, and feathers and female then lays three to nine eggs which she incubates for around two weeks. Parents tend to their young for about three weeks after they hatch. 

Attract Juniper Titmice to your backyard with feeders filled with suet, peanut butter, and seeds. They also appreciate nest boxes with some tree cover. 

Fun Fact:

The female Juniper Titmouse takes its incubation responsibilities seriously and will hiss like a snake if there is any disturbance.