Cute Baby Birds – Too Cute To Miss

baby penguin

Let’s be honest baby animals are so cute and baby birds have to be some of the cutest around. 

I love the messy, fluffy stage once some downy feathers have grown in and they look like they are having a bad hair day.

Or maybe it is the fact that their heads and feet look too big for their bodies.

Whatever it is baby birds are adorable and I have spent hours hunting down some of the best baby bird photos for you to enjoy (all in the name of science of course!)

This list of the cutest baby birds is by no means exhaustive and there are hundreds that could be added but here are some of the highlights of the cutest baby birds around.

1. Baby Penguin

A certain well-known movie always makes me expect that baby penguins are about to start dancing at any moment.

They always look like they are smiling and with the big fluffy bodies and little arms (I know they are not arms, but anyway), they are so captivating.

baby penguins

2. Baby Snowy Owl

The frizzy hair and big black eyes in contrast to the white feathers make baby snowy owls so fragile looking.

baby snowy owl

3. Baby Robin

Looking rather different from it’s parents, this baby robin looks like it is suffering from the same frizzy hair problem as the snowy owl baby.

baby robin

4. Baby Flamingo

“Look mum I can’t see my feet,” said the cute baby flamingo to its mother.

Again looking very different from its parents, with just the long legs as a giveaway, this baby flamingo will grow up in no time.

baby flamingo

5. Baby Tree Swallows

These baby Tree Swallows look very grumpy about waiting for their dinner.

Baby Tree Swallows

6. Baby Blue Tit

The black eye stripe of this baby Robin makes it look like it is trying to play at being a superhero!

baby blue tit

7. Baby Ostrich

So tiny in comparison to the adults, this baby ostrich has a massive amount of growing to do.

baby ostrich

8. Baby Noisy-Miner

It’s the fluffy tummies and no necks that earn these baby birds a place on this list.

baby noisy-miner

9. Baby Sandhill Cranes

It must be tough being one of the tallest baby birds running around but this baby Sandhill Crane looks elegant with its long legs and neck.

baby sand-hill-cranes

10. Baby Gyrfalcon

Wow those feet, that is all I have to say.

baby gyr-falcon-

11. Baby Condor

This baby condor will grow up to be huge one day but for now it is looking very cute.


12. Baby Songthrush

Bad hair day and big mouth, what’s not to love about this baby bird?

baby song-thrush-

13. Baby Swan

I think baby swans are just as beautiful as their parents and are no ‘ugly ducklings’.

baby swan

14. Baby Hummingbird

What is more adorable than a bird that hatched from an egg the size of a jellybean and weighs the same as half a dollar bill.

baby hummingbird

15. Baby Eastern Bluebird

Not looking like its parent yet, this baby Eastern Bluebird is so cute having a bath.

baby eastern-bluebird

16. Baby Macaw

Not everyone will find this baby Macaw cute, but I love the awkward stage.

baby macaw

17. Baby Chicken

So soft and fluffy this chick is so adorable.


18. Baby Duck

No cute baby bird list would be complete without a duckling and two baby ducklings are even better.

You’re welcome!

baby duck