Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglets are tiny songbirds with a bright orange crown patch that can be lifted and flashed when excited. Their bodies are olive on the back and pale underneath and with a black-and-white striped face and a white wingbar.

  • Corthylio calendula
  • Length: 3.5-4.3 in (9-11 cm)
  • Weight: 0.2-0.3 oz (5-10 g)
  • Wingspan: 6.3-7.1 in (16-18 cm)


Golden-crowned Kinglets that breed in Canada move south across the U.S. Some stay all year in the Appalachians and the mountainous West or Pacific Coast.

Habitat And Diet

You can find Golden-crowned Kinglets in many habitats from forests, parks, backyards, and old fields, swamps, and cities. Their diet is mainly insects, and in winter, they also eat seeds.

Golden-crowned Kinglets Song:


Attract Golden-crowned Kinglets

Attract them by planting native plants that encourage lots of insects and suet feeders.

Fun Fact: