14 Ways To Get Rid Of Birds (Fast + Humanly)

pigeons on roof

Birds are beautiful when outside in nature, but they can become a nuisance when they start making themselves at home in your house.

Getting rid of birds before they cause damage or create health issues can be tricky, but fortunately, this is an age-old problem, and many tricks and remedies have been devised to gently persuade them to find other places to go. 

14 Ways to get rid of birds: 

  1. Seal all holes
  2. Use shiny objects
  3. Create regular disturbances
  4. Hang flags
  5. Use bird repellent sprays
  6. Set up bird spikes
  7. Make a scarecrow
  8. Use bird scares
  9. Get motion-activated sprinklers
  10. Make loud noises
  11. Ultrasonic devices
  12. And more…

Getting rid of birds involves gently persuading them that they made a wrong decision and your home is not a good place to live. We have created a comprehensive list of methods to get rid of birds so you can select the best option for your situation.

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14 Ways To Get Rid Of Birds:

1. Seal All Holes To Prevent Birds From Nesting

Bird nest eaves

Birds that want to move into your house may be doing so because they are looking for a sheltered place where they can make a nest and raise their young. Visually inspect all areas outside your home to check for spots birds may be able to get inside.  

Many very small species of birds can access even small cracks. Copper mesh wire works well to close areas like under eaves and gaps above ducts or fixtures. It is easy to cut and mold to any shape. Fill up any openings on the outside of your house so birds have no way in. 

You can also use insulation foam or caulk to seal up any cracks in your walls or gaps that birds may take advantage of when spring comes around. The first and most effective way to get rid of birds is to ensure that they never become a problem, to begin with.

2. Hang Shiny Objects To Discourage Birds

shiny object bird scare

Hanging shiny objects is one of the most inexpensive and easiest DIY methods to get rid of birds, especially from porches. Most birds dislike flashy, reflective things that move. On sunny days, the light catches shiny objects as they twist and twirl, and birds naturally keep their distance.

Reflective holographic bird scare tape is available in reels, so you can snip off long pieces and attach them to any area where you need to keep birds away. It can also be used on fruit trees or around vegetable patches. 

There are some things you can recycle to create your own shiny reflective bird scares. Old CDs work well and can be hung from long pieces of nylon in places you want to discourage birds.

It works well to hang several at different heights, so there is a lot of shiny twisty-twirly movement. Making a homemade bird scare is also an excellent way to repurpose unneeded items!

3. Regularly Create Disturbances To Get Rid Of Birds

child and dog in yard

Most birds enjoy peaceful places where they can perch undisturbed. If you have birds that you want to get rid of, they are less likely to stay in the area if they are frequently disturbed by a lot of movement or noise. 

If you have a dog or kids, encourage them to play outside if you have a safe yard. Birds flying by are less likely to choose a home with happy kids bouncing on a trampoline or a playful dog running around and will probably opt to visit another property!

4. Hang Flags To Scare Birds

flag garland

Seasonal and decorative flags are an excellent way to get rid of birds. Adding a few colorful flags outside your home looks inviting to human visitors, but birds prefer to avoid large pieces of bright fabric that move in the wind. This is also a low-cost strategy. 

5. Bird Repellent Sprays Will Keep Birds Away

There are several sprays, gels, and homemade recipes that birds prefer to avoid. If you are having problems in specific areas frequented by confident birds like pigeons, a repellent may be an effective deterrent. 

Choosing repellents that are safe for the environment and won’t harm birds is essential. Most repellents work by creating an unpleasant surface or irritating birds when they inhale the substance. Also, think about the effect of the repellent you use when rain washes it onto your plants. 

You can make a safe, eco-friendly homemade repellent with baking soda. Simply add a fine layer to the surface where birds land, and they will quickly start avoiding the spot. Birds don’t like the feeling of the fine powder on their feet. 

6. Install Bird Spikes In Areas That Birds Land

Anti Bird or Anti Pigeon Spike, Scare Birds Pest Control

If you’re at your wit’s end with birds perching in places they shouldn’t, you can consider installing bird spikes. These porcupine-looking wire structures make it impossible for birds to land or perch comfortably. 

You may need some help to install bird spikes, but it is a longer-term solution to keep birds away. Porcupine wire works well on the edge of gutters and other high places where you don’t want birds to land. It is also useful for chimney tops.

7. Make A Scarecrow To Keep Birds Away


Most birds are naturally cautious of humans. Scarecrows have been a way to keep pesky birds away from crops for centuries. They have become something of a decorative feature, especially around Halloween, but adding a scarecrow can be a cute and decorative way to discourage birds. 

Birds will often realize if the ‘human’ outside hasn’t moved for a while, so keep a supply of old clothes and regularly change your scarecrow’s hat to keep the birds in your area guessing. For extra scare-power, add a few reflective pinwheels to your scarecrow. 

8. Birdscares Are A Good Way To Get Rid Of Birds

Any sizeable, unnatural, moving item can become a bird scare. Old beach balls hanging from trees or large colorful bounce balls work well. The idea is that the object needs to look like a round predator’s eyes moving around. 

Birdscares in the form of bird balloons can also be purchased. These feature holographic reflective parts and have giant eyes all around. As they sway about in the wind, the eyes appear to move, which frightens birds away from an area. 

9. Motion Activate Sprinklers Deter Ground Birds

Bird Repellent spray

Jets of water are a gentle method to keep birds away from areas you want to stay bird-free. Set your sprinklers to activate each time there is movement.

This method is typically used to deter neighborhood cats or raccoons, but as the sprinkler starts, the sound is usually enough to startle birds into flying away.

10. Get Rid Of Birds Using Sound

Bald Eagle young

Loud noises like lawnmowers or leaf blowers will always be scary to birds. However, you probably don’t want to run large machinery for long periods just to get rid of pesky birds!

If you live far from your neighbors, you may like to experiment with playing sounds that will terrify birds. A loud screeching raptor or hooting owl is sure to have an effect.

However, you probably don’t want to listen to those sounds for very long either, so you can try a jingly-jangly wind chime or simply clap your hands loudly whenever you notice birds in your space. 

11. Ultrasonic Bird Repellents Will Get Rid of Birds

Ultrasonic scare

When purchasing an ultrasonic bird repellent device, make sure that it is safe for your pets. Humans can’t hear the same frequencies as many other animals, and using an ultrasonic device may be unbearable for domestic animals like dogs, cats, or hamsters. 

Outdoor ultrasonic repellents are a modern, high-tech way to get rid of birds. Some units have sound adjustment settings, so you can also set it to create a sound that is audible to humans (so you will be able to tell when the unit has been activated), or it can work with ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic devices are typically more expensive than most other methods, but many product reviewers have found them helpful in getting rid of birds.

12. Use Bird Predator Cutouts And Features

Owl Scare

When getting rid of birds, it helps to use some bird psychology to outsmart them. Adding a few realistic-looking bird predators to your environment can make the area an unattractive stopover for birds.

Realistic bird predator garden statues sometimes include features like large eyes and flashing lights. Some solar-powered models have movable heads that can turn and startle visiting birds. Just be sure to move your fake bird-hunters around occasionally so you can keep the birds guessing.

A practical method to keep birds from flying into your windows is to use a cutout of a hawk in flight. Print out the shape on dark paper and stick it inside windows that are prone to bird strikes. 

13. Remove All Food And Water Sources To Keep Birds Away

Trash cans

If you have a problem with lots of unwanted birds around your house and yard, check that there are no unintentional food sources around your home. Ensure that all outside garbage can lids are tightly closed, and compost is turned to hide tasty bites that could attract birds. 

Another culprit is outside pet food and water bowls. Birds like pigeons, blackbirds, and crows will quickly hone in on any outside food sources, even blocked drains which may include rotting debris.

To keep birds away, it helps to keep your yard clean and tidy. 

14. Call In Professionals To Get Rid Of Birds

If you have birds that have already moved into your roof or made themselves at home in an area they shouldn’t be, you may need to seek help from your local wildlife or animal rehabilitation group. They will be able to assist or guide you in moving the bird’s nest or provide advice on how to deal with the situation. 

In most cases, birds only use their nests for a few weeks, and once the young birds have fledged, you will be able to seize the opportunity to close the area to future habitation. Your local wildlife organization has the knowledge and experience to keep you and your bird lodgers safe.

What Else Should I Know About Getting Rid Of Birds?

To get your little feathered housemates to move on, you need to think like a bird. They have selected your home because they have found a source of food, a good perching place, or a quiet, sheltered area where they won’t be disturbed.

Almost all native birds are protected by federal law, so disturbing existing roosts or nests must only be done in conjunction with a local rehabilitator. Also, you don’t want to be handling nesting material that may contain parasites or diseases. Getting rid of them is about making them change their bird-brain minds – but without harming them.

The best time to get rid of birds is when you first notice them, and if you act swiftly enough, you will be able to persuade the little featured creatures that building a nest in your home is a bad idea. Be especially vigilant in the spring and summer months. Hopefully, they will move on and find a bird-friendly spot elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of birds from your yard or home can be tricky, but fortunately, this is not a new problem. There are many humane methods to get the creatures to move on and find other locations to perch and nest.

Some ways, like installing bird spikes, will require a significant outlay and effort, while others, like using DIY bird reflectors or making a scarecrow, can be cost-effective and fun.